In The Studio w/ Slumberjack

In this exclusive course for FaderPro in partnership with Monstercat, Slumberjack show you exactly how to create cutting-edge electronic music. This collection features the duo showcasing TWO tracks; First is every production step they used to create "Surrender" and then, they pull up their track "Norf" and do a deconstruction dissecting some of the major elements of the track.
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Arpeggiators and Techno Featuring Sian

In his firs course for FaderPro, and in a new partnership with Octopus Recordings, Sian dives deep into a topic of great personal interest - Arpeggiators. Throughout this course, Sian shows you how you can take your Arps to the next level by coming up with new and creative melodies using Arps and how you can break outside of any standard mold.
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Drum Grooves and Vocal Production w/ Eddie Thoneick

Eddie Thoneick is a name synonymous with quality house music, and has been for almost two decades now. This reputation is now set to progress to the next level after spending almost a year locked in the studio, cooking up his new batch of records. In this first course for FaderPro in partnership with Armada University, Eddie Thoneick dives deep into many topics drums and everything rhythm related. In addition, Eddie also takes you on a creative explorative journey showing you how you can come up with melodic ideas that can lead to working with a writer or vocalist as well as exploring vocal production techniques.

The Making of 1,2 Step w/ Kevin McKay

Scottish DJ, producer and label owner Kevin McKay has a discography that spans decades. He has produced everything from some of the most influential dance tracks as well as cult underground classics. We are so proud to bring you this course where he shows yet another of his stellar productions featuring a remake of Ciara's 1,2 Step. Kevin breaks down his process, revealing everything about his production process, how a vocal is re-created and how you can move from bootlegs to legitimate covers that set your tracks truly apart.
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Choice Award: 9/10

Review: FaderPro Synth & Sound Design w/ D.Ramirez "A large and inspiring course for anyone wanting to develop their synth skills, with approachable techniques for dissecting sound design."

Mark Knight

Toolroom Label boss

"Now we know that there are already a thousand online production tutorials that exist online. But ours are going to be different in a number of ways. Firstly – you’re only going to be taught by real artists – producers who have actually made successful records, released with big labels, who have really seen success in their careers. Secondly, we are going to get really granular with our courses. They are going to be in-depth, advanced and crucially - based around the sound Toolroom is known for."

Raver Rafting

"There is no reason FaderPro shouldn’t soon become a household name in production education. Powerhouse names, powerhouse partnerships, powerhouse production, they’re set"


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