The Making of Take It Back w/ Thomas Gold [$19.99]

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A FaderPro regular and one our favorite producers, Thomas Gold is versatile across many genres and needs no introduction. In this brand new course for Armada University, see him return to his big room sound, explaining his production process, his creative decision making and all of his favorite plugins and software along the way.

From the initial ideas of the track right through to mastering, this course in Logic Pro X details all of Thomas’s tips and tricks for how you can turn an initial melodic idea into a full track ready to play out in your sets.

Chapter 1 - Intro

Thomas introduces the track and explains the first creative choices and production decisions behind the initial idea of the piano riff.

Chapter 2 - Initial arrangement and drop

Focusing on the start of the arrangement and the main drop Thomas explains his production process using automation, vocal cuts, creative effects and edits.

Chapter 3 - Developing the breakdown

Now it’s time for Thomas to build the breakdown, working with melody and strings, learn how he captures the musical energy and tweaks the stacked sound.

Chapter 4 - Final arrangement

Now the basic concept is complete, watch and learn as Thomas shows you how he crafts the final arrangement adding the intro, outro and breakdown sections.

Chapter 5 - Vocal sample processing

Thomas explains how he created a recognizable, signature sound by processing and editing the vocal parts.

Chapter 6 - Re-sampling

Thomas explains how resampling your own parts can be a creative method for your tracks. He explains how the process was used resampling the piano for Take It Back (To The Oldschool).

Chapter 7 - Extra drums

Thomas explains how final details such as extra drum parts around the arrangement can make all the different to the accents of the track.

Chapter 8 - Mastering

Discover Thomas Gold’s signature process for mastering, starting with the export of the mixed stereo file, learn as he explains the plugins and techniques for his final audio export.

Running time: 62.43 minutes / 1.04hrs

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