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Roger Sanchez GrooveBuilder SamplePack
Building a Beat Production Overview
Roger Sanchez Q&A
Get lifetime access to this course now for $19.99

About the course

As promised and for all those that didn’t get a chance to attend Roger’s Livestream with us and those that did attend but requested to have the course as a stream on our platform, we have uploaded both the, “Building a Groove” portion and the Q&A with Roger Sanchez. 
In addition Roger is adding his sample pack and for all that purchase this course, you will also have the ability to download his current sample pack. 

Building a Groove with Roger Sanchez:

Running Time: 45 min 

Roger starts with a blank screen with his DAW and quickly shows you all how he gets some ideas laid out to get his creativity flowing. He shares how he works with loops & samples and even how he cuts even very small sections of each loop to create your own signature loop. He emphasizes and shares how important it is to quickly get yourself into a “Groove” to keep your attention inspired so that you can already see the finish line in your tracks. Roger then shows you his unique process that once he has his loops & groove ready to go in Ableton, how he then opens up Logic to finish his tracks and why he works this way. Roger shares how he creates his pre-sets of synth’s, bass, drums and so on so you can quickly pull sounds and get into your groove quickly. 
Topics Covered include: Working with Ableton and Logic, Re-wiring Logic from Ableton, Creating & Using Loops, Sampling, One Shots, Arrangement, Groove, Drums, Bassline, Creating Pre-Sets, Busing, EQ & Processing

Roger Sanchez Q&A: 
Roger goes around the Livestream and answers technical & career based questions from the attendees.  Roger gives personal advice on staying creative, getting you music heard and how to stay relevant in dance music. 

 Running Time: 66 min 

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