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A duo that straddles both House and the tougher Techno genres, Leftwing:Kody have steadily built an incredible Beatport topping discography since forming in 2012. After their first E.P. was released they started building a following in the industry and in 2013 both Mixmag and DJ Mag ear marked them as ones to watch, before going on to be nominated for the “Best Breakthrough DJ” at the Best Of British DJ Mag awards.

In this brand new FaderPro course for Toolroom Academy, Jon Kong from the duo walks you through his mixing techniques. Discover all the tips to set up your mix and the tricks and techniques you can use in your own mixdowns to get the same loud and balanced mixes that work in the club every time.


  1. Preparation of the tracks [5.25]

Jon shows you the first steps you need to take to be able to prepare your track for mixdown. Export the audio correctly, prepare the channel levels and the master bus.

2. Setting reference tracks and mixing bass [12.53]

Learn how to choose the right reference tracks for your mix. Jon then explains how to start balancing the bass in the mix.

3. Drums and claps [11.01]

Starting on the drum mix, Jon fine tunes the clap sound using spectral analysers and EQ to take out any frequencies that shouldn’t be there.

4. Mixing the hi-hats [21.49]

Using tools such as reverbs, limiters, and EQ, Jon explains how to add life to to the sound of your hi-hats

5. Back to the bass [7.57]

Now some changes have been made, Jon explains how to check the master bus

6. Setting up a bass bus [11:23]

Jon begins to explain why it’s important to send groups of tracks to a bus before processing them further.

7. Setting up a drum bus [14.40]

Time to group the drums and tackle the drum bus. Jon explains how to glue elements together, his go-to compressor settings and more EQ and processing.

8. Adding parallel compression [7.51]

Jon explains how to set up parallel compression get extra power in your mix while referencing and checking crucial master bus levels.

9. Mixing the synths [14.51]

Watch and learn as Jon starts to mix and process the synth sounds. Understand the tricks that help elements fit better in the mix and also the processing that can add extra sparkle to your sounds.

10. Mixing vocals part one [21.25]

The first process Jon explains is to level out the vocals, addressing the different volumes across each line using Waves vocal rider, before compression, EQ and further multiband processing is added.

11. Mixing vocals part two [24.49]

The next step for the vocals is effects. Jon explains how to use stereo widening tools, delays and more to give your vocals a unique sound and punch through the mix.

12. Mixing and processing FX [9.59]

Now Jon is happy with much of the mix, the next step is to start finalizing the mix. First Jon explains how to deal with the tracks FX and process them accordingly.

13. Mix bus [7.57]

Time to dig back into the mix buss groups jon has created and mix them together with dynamic processors, effects and EQ.

14. Master chain [22.01]

Jon shows you how to get the track demo ready and club ready. Here Job explains how to create a temporary master that will stand up to tests in the club before until the track is ready to be sent to a mastering engineer.

TOTAL COURSE TIME - 3hrs 10mins [190.41 mins]

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