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Making Your Own Edit w/ Brian Matrix

So you have a creative idea about a record that you love, but you don’t know how exactly you go about making your own re-edit that you can play in your sets.  You have the MP3, you have Ableton, now what? 

In this course, Brian Matrix shows you exactly how to turn your favorite tracks into your own, personal and custom edits that no one else will have.  This is by far one of the easiest and best ways to stand out in a crowd and have everyone wondering where you got that exclusive version.  

The objective is to learn how to cut up your own parts when you don’t have access to the stems and how you can add your own elements that compliment the record in all the right ways.   Throughout the course, Brian uses Mark Knight’s hit “Your Love” and goes through every step taking the full original version and turning it into a one of a kind edit that can be used in any DJ set.  

This course comes with the original song and all the Ableton project files for you to follow along and then, create your own signature edit. 

This is a MUST have toolset for every DJ out there!  Not only that, the skills you'll learn in this course will help you get stronger as a producer and you can be in the park or the train station making your own signature edits that you can incorporate into your DJ sets. 

Making Your Own Edit [62 Mins]

Chapter 1 - Track analysis & cutting sections

Learn how to edit and cut out sections and key elements that you can use in completely new ways.  

Chapter 2 - Building a new intro

Give a track a fresh start that instantly takes it into a new direction.  

Chapter 3 - Adding your own instrument accents

When you can't cut out that exact sound, learn how you can reproduce it and use it where you need it. 

Chapter 4 - Building new transition sections

In this section, Brian shows how you can create entirely new transitions and drops adding more impact to give the record a new flare. 

Chapter 5 - Creating a new signature section

This is where you take your creative ideas and shine them in a whole new light.  By using parts from the original, you can create and completely new vibe and energy that will make your version unique.  

Chapter 6 - Adding additional FX

Sometimes, your edits and newly created sections will need FX to help them flow smoothly.  In this section, Brian shows you how to do this without re-inventing the wheel or using parts that don't work. 

Chapter 7 - Stacking original parts

During this chapter, you'll learn how you can stack multiple parts from the original to give more texture and make your new sections sound full and complex, while still being different than the original. 

Chapter 8 - Letting the original track breathe

Part of making a great edit, is knowing when to let the original shine.  If it's a famous record, then you'll want the audience to recognize it while incorporating your own twist.  This chapter explores how you can have the best of both worlds. 

Chapter 9 - Adding more tension & flare

Sometimes, it's the subtle things that make a record stand out.  In this section, you'll see how Brian adds more tension, drama and flare in key parts that give it that something extra.

Chapter 10 - Building towards the outro

After all your new work is done, it's time to bring it home.  In this section Brian takes a look at the outro and how best to end the new edit. 

Chapter 11 - Re-setting the master levels

After you've edited, cut, stacked and added new sounds, it's critical that you make sure the master levels are back to where they were and not overloading.  Since you're starting with a complete record, this is a little different than an original production.  Here, Brian shows you his tricks for getting the levels just right.  

Chapter 12 - Conclusion

Brian wraps it all up and concludes the course. 

*Course includes the Ableton Live project files.