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Tuff London have exploded onto the House & Techno scene with a string of chart topping releases that have seen support for their music right across the board from artists as diverse as Techno luminary Carl Cox to BBC Radio One’s Danny Howard.  They did such an amazing job on their first Toolroom Academy course for FaderPro , Tuff London [Un-Cut], we couldn't wait to get them in the studio for a full "in-studio" course...and here it is!  

In this course, Tuff London hold nothing back as they not only SHOW you each and move they make to create their signature sound, but they go to great lengths to explain WHY they do what they do in the studio.  So not only do you witness a step-by-step production, you also gain exclusive creative insight into their workflow which will take your music to the next level.  


Chapter 1 - Basic Drum Programming

In this chapter, Tuff London share some of their pre-production techniques including how to pick the best sound, staying in the creative flow, managing your time in the studio and keeping your mix sounding good from the start. 

Chapter 2 - Drum Processing

Learn how to process your drum tracks to get them to fit in place in the mix.  Learn about Tuff London’s go-to drum processing plug-in and how to set your drums up for the bass line without over-cooking the mix early on. 

Chapter 3 - Synth and Bass

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to find the right patch and melody for your baselines that work throughout your entire record and how to bring more life to a baseline using drum accents. 

Chapter 4 - Vocal Samples

Vocals are a huge part of a great track, in this chapter, Tuff London show you how to find and place vocal samples that fit into the vibe of a track.  They’ll also show how to use Logic’s step EFX to add texture and even how to use a vocal sample to create your own vocals.  

Chapter 5 - Arrangement - Pt.1

Now that the main elements are in, it’s time to start arranging.  Tuff London show you how to work more efficiently by starting the arrangement bore you add sound FX.  They also offer insights into how to do an inventory of your track to find the best parts, remove anything that is not working and improve on parts that could be better. 

Chapter 6 - Arrangement - Pt.2 - Extra Percussion

Once the basic arrangement is formed, Tuff London show you how to add extra hits and sound FX to finalize the arrangement.  They also share some important questions you can ask yourself about the overall vibe and whether everything is working and fitting in the track. Is there enough “drama” in your track to stand out?  They’ll give you ways to make sure. 

Chapter 7 - Strings and Synth Stabs

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to add elements like strings and synths to “glue” the record together to make it feel even more complete and alive with energy. 

Chapter 8 - Building the Breakdown

Go in-depth and watch how to create a breakdown and how to transition out of the breakdown back into the full track, the “drop.”  Also witness how you can set yourself up for those “happy accidents” that can help your record sound different and creative.  Also at this point, learn how you can prepare your record to test-drive in the clubs. 

Chapter 9 - Final Touches on Arrangement 

In this chapter, Tuff London listen down to the entire record and add some final touches on the record as a whole.  The also create the “dj-friendly” outro arrangement, which his critical for any track to be played out live. 

Chapter 10 - FX and Automation

Now that the song is almost complete, Learn how to ensure all automation is correct at every section of the track and if the FX are in all the right places for maximum impact and contrast.  Also watch how Tuff London star to clean up the final mix.   

Chapter 11 - FX and Automation (continued)

This chapter continues by doing one final round of drum fills, rolls, drop-outs and FX processing putting the final touches on every section in the arrangement and mix.  

Chapter 12 - Final Track Review

Tuff London do a full listen of the track to check for any mixing changes that need to be made and learn how you can get a fresh perspective on your mix to make sure it’s the best it can be. 

Total Time: 3 hours (184 mins)

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