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The Initial Idea
Working with Sub Bass
The Tal Sampler
Sample Timing
Creating an FM Stab Sound
Making Other Sounds
The Bass Drum
Drums (Part 1)
Drums (Part 2)
Arrangement (Part 1)
Arrangement (Part 2)
Adding Final Parts
Master Channel Processing
Get lifetime access to this course now for $49.99

About the course

Today, Martin Ikin is sitting at the top of the Beatport charts.  DJ’ing since 1990 and Producing music since 1991, Martin Ikin previously known as DJ Mayhem, Indigo, Soul Purpose, Migrant and loads more, has spent his life releasing records on many labels including, Defected, Nervous, OFF, Get Physical, Exploited, Zrecords, 3Beat, MOS, SwingCity, Hed Kandi, Soulfuric, Sony, Island, Atlantic...and the list goes on. 

He's a trained studio engineer and jazz pianist and has been focusing on his own production for the past several years, which has proven to be paying off in a major way with many hugely successful tracks,  

We're so excited to announce a NEW in-studio masterclass with Martin as he takes you inside his private studio and personally walks you through and entire production workflow giving you insight into his decades of studio experience and craftsmanship.  This is a BIG one!

Course Outline:

  1. Chapter 1 - Creating the Initial Idea (11mins)
  2. Chapter 2 - Working with Sub Bass (8mins)
  3. Chapter 3 - The Tal Sampler - (7mins)
  4. Chapter 4 - Sample Timing and Correction (14mins)
  5. Chapter 5 - Creating FM Stab sounds  (4mins) 
  6. Chapter 6 - Other Sounds (13 mins)
  7. Chapter 7 - Kick Drum Design (11mins)
  8. Chapter 8 - Drums (Part 1) (16mins)
  9. Chapter 9 - Drums (Part 2) (26mins) 
  10. Chapter 10 Arrangement (Part 1) (18mins)
  11. Chapter 11 - Arrangement (Part 2) (16mins) 
  12. Chapter 12 - Adding the Final Parts (8mins)
  13. Chapter 13 - Master Channel Processing (5mins)

Total Course Time: 2.5 Hours (157 mins)

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