FaderPro | In The Studio With Junior Sanchez | Toolroom Academy

In The Studio w/ Junior Sanchez

As a child prodigy, Junior Sanchez was playing some of the hottest clubs in New York at just age 15.  Skip forward a few years later, and he’s producing some of the finest house music in the scene and becoming one of the most in demand producers and DJs on the planet. With remixes and productions for Madonna, Daft Punk, Louie Vega and more, plus over 20 years in the music industry under his belt, you can imagine we’re super excited for his first full course with Toolroom Academy for FaderPro.

During this course, sit side by side with Junior and watch and learn as he crafts a track from scratch in Avid’s Pro Tools software. 


Chapter 1: Intro

Learn how to set up your project workflow and discover how Junior prepares his drum tracks with the correct headroom, then uses EQ and further processes to build the bones of the drum track.

Chapter 2: Drums & Percussion

Learn why Junior chooses to start with the drum track, how to use Pro Tools’ Warp Engine, creative side-chaining on the ride with Xfer LFOtool.

Chapter 3: Bassline

Watch and learn Junior Sanchez’s methods for programing the groove and adding processing using UA’s UAD Culture Vulture.

Chapter 4: Metering and Bussing

Understand metering and bussing and discover how Junior’s musical influences impact on his track making.

Chapter 5: Adding More Sounds

Watch as Junior adds simple details on the drums and percussion, processing as he goes with EQ and compression.

Chapter 6: Processing the Bass

Learn about why Junior bounces in place, uses EQ and subharmonic processing tools to thicken and tighten the bass sound.

Chapter 7: Drum Loops

Understand how and why Junior selects drum loops and works with them in the track.

Chapter 8: Vocal Sample

Explore vocal samples and working with them as a sample instrument.

Chapter 9: Creating your own vocal sample

Junior shows how a simple recording of your own voice, with the right effects and processing can form a great vocal sample.

Chapter 10: Creating a Synth Stab

Learn to create a perfect synth stab by layering up multiple effects.

Chapter 11 Starting the arrangement

Watch and learn Junior’s process for arrangement, how he organises the track and mix to start building a final arrangement. 

Chapter 12: Arrangement Part II

Understand how to fill out the arrangement, insert time and begin the extra tweaks needed to fine tune the track.

Chapter 13: White Noise Effects

Junior explains and demonstrates how to create white noise effects from scratch, processing them with side-chain compression, EQ and delay.

Chapter 14: Arrangement Part III

Learn how to create drum roll builds and use warping and compression on the arrangement.

Chapter 15: Refining the Arrangement

Watch Junior work up the intro, outro and edit the breakdown.