FaderPro | In The Studio w/ Estiva

In The Studio w/ Estiva

Supported by Armada Music’s Armin Van Buuren almost right from the start of his career, Estiva’s music has also been championed by other heavyweights like Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten and many more.

With elements of Melodic Trance, Progressive House and Techno combining into a unique production style. Estiva has seen his fanbase swell and his career go from strength to strength, touring the world and landing A-list DJ residencies in Las Vegas and becoming a regular at the world’s biggest dance music festivals.

In partnership with Armada University, we are super excited to bring you Estiva’s first ever music production course. Over 16 chapters, Estiva shows you how to build a track from scratch using FL Studio.

Join the community at Armada University! After you purchase your course, submit your demo from what you learned and have the opportunity to receive a 15 min Live Skype Video call to talk production live with Estiva. Estiva will choose only (3) records that he finds inspirational so purchase early and get to work! All submissions are due Jan 31!

Chapter 1 - Programming basic Drums (26.19)

Learn how to start a track with the basic drum sounds. Choose the right sounds and process them to start the groove.

Chapter 2 - Bassline (16:37)

Using synlenth watch and learn Estiva’s techniques for programming basslines.

Chapter 3 - Expanding the Groove (17:04)

Now that the main groove is working, Estiva explains how he builds out the track almost fully to stop himself getting trapped in an endless loop.

Chapter 4 - Risers (14:37)

Learn the tools, processing and techniques Estiva uses to create riser FX in his track.

Chapter 5 - Found Sound Loops (9:49)

Understand how implementing ambient and found sound samples can add body and warmth to a track.

Chapter 6 - Arpeggios (26:24)

Learn how Estiva adds his melodic elements by introducing arpeggios. Understand why cutting certain elements will help focus your ideas during this process.

Chapter 7 - Percussion (6:01)

Returning to drums and improving the groove, Estiva adds rimshots and toms to further excite the drum groove overall.

Chapter 8 - Chords and Lead Synth (26:06)

Using Sylenth, Estiva explains his process for finding the right sounds for chords and creating a catchy, pluck sound.

Chapter 9 - Hats and Snare (7:41)

Estiva explains why he needs to emphasise and enhance parts of the rhythm with additional snares and hi-hat tweaks.

Chapter 10 -  Synth Melody (8:41)

Working back with Sylenth again and Omnisphere, Estiva explains how to add another synth melody and work up the sound with reverbs.

Chapter 11 - Arrangement Part 1 (13:24)

Now that all the elements of the track are together, Estiva explains how to begin arranging the parts into a killer track.

Chapter 12 - Arrangement Part 2 (19:15)

Estiva digs deeper into the details of the arrangement, learn his creative processes for further enhancing the arrangement and mix.

Chapter 13 - Arrangement Part 3 (14:32)

Estiva explains how to take the melodic elements to the next level in the arrangement using automation and other signature techniques.

Chapter 14 - Arrangement Part 4 - The Drop (21.47)

Understand the importance of the big drop in the arrangement. Estiva explains his techniques for super-long snare builds and automated reverbs for extra drama.

Chapter 15 - Vocal Processing Tips (11:50)

Estiva adds a vocal to the breakdown to explain his techniques for perfect vocal processing.

Chapter 16 - Arrangement Part 5 - Final Elements (18:46)

Finishing up the track, Estiva explains the next steps to completing the production. Final details, tweaks and arrangement edits to take the track to completion.

TOTAL COURSE TIME - 4.2 Hrs. (256 mins)