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As one of the first artists to sign with Hospital records nearly 20 years ago, Danny Byrd has built a phenomenal career as one of the most respected and experienced producers in the Drum and Bass scene. r

In this music production course, you can sit side-by-side with Danny in his studio and learn his entire creative process. Watch him make a track from scratch starting with the Akai MPC Live before using Logic Pro X and his favourite tools to show you how to build drums, process and chop samples, mix, arrange and master an full production.


  1. Drums pt.1
    Starting with the Akai MPC live for speed. Learn how to choose the right drum hits and program a quick beat to start the project. Export the audio and place into Logic Pro X for the bones of the multitrack drums.

  2. Drums pt.2
    Learn how to process the drums, use transient shapers, distortion, limiters, EQ and more to sculpt the kick, snare and hi-hat sounds.

  3. Chords and Samples
    Watch Danny add chords from samples and begin to build the remix riffs and melodies.

  4. Melodies and Arpeggios
    Learn how to create killer melodies and arpeggios using Xfer Serum and classic house piano sounds.

  5. More Melodies and Pads
    While introducing other sample elements, learn how to play sounds off each other and combine the remix elements with new melody and pad parts.

  6. The Funky Synth Bassline
    Understand how to make basslines work when dealing with musical material. Watch danny program the bass notes to fit snugly alongside the main piano sample.

  7. The Hoover Bass
    Learn how to program Native Instrument's Massive for a classic Oscillating bass sound. Understand why the tempo of oscillation matters and getting it correct as notes change.

  8. Adding Extra Drum Loops
    Time to start adding extra drum loops and learn how to EQ and mix them into the arrangement of the remix.

  9. Creating Riser FX
    Create some classic white noise rise effects and learn the techniques to make these FX sit perfectly in the mix and arrangement.

  10. Cymbals and Other FX
    Now the white noise is done, learn where is best to place cymbals in the arrangement and the processing and mixing techniques to make them fit in the mix.

  11. Vocals
    Learn how to incorporate any pre recorded vocal to your track. Watch how Danny uses his signature technique for chopping vocals and fitting them into the arrangement.

  12. Arrangement pt.1
    Here you'll understand and learn how all the musical elements will work as part of the arrangement. Watch as Danny distributes all the musical and busy loops that were built and turn it into the start of a song structure.

  13. Arrangement pt.2
    Dig into the details with EQ and more to fine to the mix and the arrangement further.

  14. Arrangement Overview
    Danny recaps the methodology and design behind the arrangement as it is. Learn why certain tracks may have certain arrangement types and why 

  15. Final Mastering
    Danny explains his mastering process for getting a track to a stage where he is able to play it out in the club and the tips he learnt from his own mastering engineer on metering.

TOTAL TIME: 3hours 45mins

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