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Illyus & Barrientos [UNCUT]

The new Uncut series is a set of unique production courses with a truly behind-the-scenes feel, the Uncut courses let you get inside the DAW of the artists you love. Giving you an exclusive glimpse of their REAL, no frills workflow in the studio.  See tracks get made from scratch, live and unedited. See the secret techniques professional artists employ in their day-to-day work. See the mistakes, creative choices and the happy accidents that lead to the end product of quality House, Tech House and Techno.  Uncut series offers an entry level price point for all producers, with 4-hour courses as little as $29. Take a seat in the studio and learn from artists at the top of their game.

About Illyus & Barrientos - 

In a brand new, raw and uncut Toolroom Academy tutorial direct from their studio, Illyus & Barrientos serve up their studio secrets in this exclusive course.

Already recognized as two of the most consistent House producers in the UK right now, their remixes and originals have been rocking dancefloors all over the world since they hit the scene in 2014. They’ve been picked as one of Pete Tong’s Future Stars on BBC Radio 1, and 2017 saw them booked at bigger and bigger clubs and releasing on Suara, Defected, Cr2 and of course the mighty Toolroom Records. Now 2018 sees them setting their sights on even bigger successes, with more remixes, more releases and a huge summer ahead. Don’t miss this chance to go side-by-side with them in the studio to watch and learn how they craft their signature sound.


  • 01: Introduction
  • 02: Finding Loops
  • 03: Creating Kick and Snare
  • 04: Working on Percussion
  • 05: Using Maschine for Drum Sounds
  • 06: Creating a Bassline
  • 07: Arranging the Bassline
  • 08: Color Coding and Staying Organized
  • 09: Arranging the Vocal Part 1
  • 10: Arranging the Vocal Part 2
  • 11: Arranging the Track
  • 12: More Vocal Arrangement
  • 13: Adding Sound FX
  • 14: Thoughts About Arrangement and Markers
  • 15: Working on Arrangement
  • 16: Vocal Arrangement
  • 17: Automation and FX
  • 18: Continuing Arrangement
  • 19: Dialing in the Arrangement
  • 20: Memorable Snare Rolls
  • 21: Adding a Melodic Filter
  • 22: Additional Vocal Processing
  • 23: Adding More Energy To Your Track
  • 24: Creating a Memorable Melody
  • 25: Effects that Work on Melody Ideas
  • 26: Adding a Sidechain
  • 27: Producing the Breakdown
  • 28: Adding More Synths
  • 29: Adding More Vocal Parts
  • 30: Using Busses and Sends
  • 31: Producing the Second Drop
  • 32: Interesting Arrangement Ideas
  • 33: Adding Elements to the Second Drop
  • 34: Start to Mixing
  • 35: Processing the Kick Drum
  • 36: Mixing Percussion
  • 37: Processing the Bassline
  • 38: Using Sidechain In Mixing
  • 39: Mixing the Drop Sections
  • 40: Hi-Hat Mixing
  • 41: Adding More Samples to the Drop
  • 42: Pad FX
  • 43: Adding Automation
  • 44: Final Mixdown
  • 45: Closing