FaderPro | From Sample Packs to Hit Records | Phat House

From Sample Packs to Hit Records: Phat House

Both a legendary label and one of the most popular sample pack creators, Cr2 Records have partnered with FaderPro to launch a series of brand new dance music production courses.

Here, Cr2 Sample Tools Phat House sample pack creator Nick ten Broeke takes his samples and explains how to not only make sample sounds your own, but mix and produce a full track from them. Included with the course is the full 580MB Phat House sample pack, so you can not only follow along, but go away and use this inspirational sample pack to improve your own productions.


  1. Drums
    Starting with selecting his favorite drum samples, Nick explains how to layer up a groove and EQ the samples to fit.

  2. Percussion
    Learn to add percussion and make it fit with custom processing and tuning, giving your stock loops a custom sound.

  3. Synth tones and drum buss
    Here you'll understand how to add some more musical synth tones and use soundshifter to make them fit, before creating a drum group buss.

  4. Bassline
    Get organised in Logic and then find the perfect bassline sample. Learn the techniques to fit these loops into your track and process them in your own style.

  5. Synth hits
    Grab some synth hits and learn how to place the audio exactly in the C swing setting by changing Logic's layout to custom and matching the timing exactly.

  6. Re-sampling and processing synth hits
    Process samples using Logic's EXS sampler and make them fit with the key and groove of the track using re-sampling techniques.

  7. Master Buss settings
    Make sure your metering is correct and set up the master buss compressor to get the most out of your mix.

  8. Vocal sample editing
    Grab a song starter vocal from the included sample pack and use pitch and processing and smart editing to use it in your track.

  9. Arrangement
    Now the main elements of the track are in place, Learn how to turn your loop into a full track, ready for the dancefloor.

  10. Creating risers
    Finishing touches are added to give the final sparkle and drama to the arrangement and mix.

TOTAL RUN TIME: 2hrs 48mins.