FaderPro | From Loops To A Finished Track with D.Ramirez

From Loops To A Finished Track w/ D.Ramirez

 If you’ve seen his previous 7-hour Tech House masterclass, you’ll know why D.Ramirez is one of the most popular tutors for FaderPro and Toolroom Academy. In this course he shows you exactly his process for creating a remix using parts from his own track Get Wrecked. Learn how to use Ableton’s unique features to create a template that works for you and helps speed up your track making and remix process.

Included with the course are two pre-made Ableton templates [Ableton Live version  9 and 10] from D.Ramirez to help get you started. Plus, get ready to learn about mixing, master chains, getting grooves, creating sampler instruments, live arrangements using clip view and so much more. It’s another fantastic course taught by one of the most talented and experienced producers in dance music.


  1. Introduction
    Start the production process in Ableton Live, understand the approach of the Get Wrecked remix.

  2. Creating a template 
    Set up an Ableton Live template for a faster workflow, learn how to set up your send effects for reverb, delays, echos. Understand why EQ before effects is important and what instrument groups to use.

  3. Importing audio into the project
    Prepare the Ableton Live preferences for importing your audio in the best way. Learn how a bit of prep and organisation can help with a speedy and creative workflow later on.

  4. Gain structure and K-systems db scale metering
    Discover why levels and gain structure is so important to your mix as D.Ramirez explains how to get your levels set correct and use the free Voxengo span software to meter the K-system scale and get your headroom back.

  5. Balancing the mix
    Now it’s time to learn how to begin balancing the levels of the track and again use correct metering and the ‘mixing to an anchor’ technique among other studio secrets to make sure audio is balanced correctly.

  6. Master chain
    The final bit of preparation is setting up a mix bus or master output and choosing the right plugins, working with them during the mix so there are no surprises at the end of the project.

  7. Adding extra drums
    Now the template is set up, parts are imported and balance. It’s time to start forming the remix with extra drums and loops to form the new sound of Get Wrecked. Learn about warping modes in Ableton Live , choosing the right sounds and building effects.

  8. Vocal edits
    This chapter will show you how to exploit Ableton’s features for quickly grabbing vocal loops to use in the remix, creating sharp edits and processing them in the track.

  9. Snare rolls, crashes and white noise
    Learn how to create and find the correct rolls, fills, crashes and more to help with the arrangement. Learn about swing and quantize, creating simpler instruments, editing samples and creating custom white noise synth sweeps.

  10. Instrument grouping and processing
    Before the arrangement can be started, learn how to tighten up the sound of your parts, enhancing each elements with EQ, grouping and chains.

  11. Preparing the arrangement in clip view
    Get the parts ready for arrangement in clip view and use Ableton’s unique features to maximise the remixes potential. Prepare clips with filters and effects, organise the drum rolls and learn how to organise your track ready for performance in the next chapter.

  12. Performing the arrangement
    Watch and learn how to use Ableton’s clip view to ‘perform’ an arrangement like a DJ, rather than simply moving blocks like a jigsaw. Understand how to instinctively use this to build the tracks flow, triggering fills, drops and breakdowns.

  13. Adding more sounds to the arrangement
    Now the basic arrangement is completed, it’s time to add more sounds and more detail. Learn what makes an arrangement special and how to take your own tracks to the next level with these clever tweaks.

  14. Drum fills and automation
    Detail in drum fills is massively important, learn how D.Ramirez creates his and discover automation and effects in Ableton Live. Use delays, echos, reverbs and more to add more excitement to the track and process with compression and EQ where needed.

  15. Transitions and FX
    Learn what makes a great transition and how to create brilliant, exciting effects, processed to perfection and placed at the right points in the track.

  16. Transitions and FX part 2
    Go in to finer details with processing and automation. Make cuts and tweaks to add even more interest to the final arrangement.

  17. Final arrangement details
    Listen back and see what the arrangement still needs and discover D.Ramirez’s signature techniques for a slamming arrangement.

  18. Creating a DJ master
    Learn how to create a master file ready to test your mix out in the club.

4hours 25mins