FaderPro | Finish My Record | Music Production Course With Ørjan

Finish My Record w/ Ørjan Nilsen

He’s a Norwegian dance music prodigy who rose to fame over a decade ago before smashing into the DJ Top 100 at no. 32 in 2011. His skill for producing epic, chunky and groovy electronic dance music has made him a favorite producer of Armin van Buuren and his label Armada Music. Raw talent, hard work and consistency has seen him remain as one of the biggest names in dance music and a leading name at every major dance event in the world.

In this incredible Finish My Record course, you’ll watch and learn the techniques that Ørjan uses to craft his finely tuned and lauded sound. See him create melodies, manipulate samples, create signature effects and atmospheres and much more as Ørjan becomes your tutor and reveals his signature production techniques.


Finish Ørjan's track and submit it to contest@armadamusic.com before the November 30th. Submit your final mix as a private downloadable Soundcloud link to contest@armadamusic.com

The best track will be released as a collaboration with Ørjan on Armada Music! 


  1. How to form the initial idea of a track
  2. Clap choice, placement and processing
  3. Finding synth sounds, stacking and processing
  4. Adding more drums, percussion and FX
  5. Turning audio samples into FX
  6. Creating transitional FX for a drop
  7. Starting to arrange the drop
  8. Additional elements for the drop
  9. Building out  the drop\
  10. Finding a melodic theme
  11. Adding atmosphere and pads
  12. Final arrangement overview

    Total Time: 2hrs 20mins