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ReOrder - Project
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The Melody
Starting off with the melody, ReOrder creates his signature plucks and starts grouping the plucks together to build a breathtaking melody.
Layering Leads
Learn how to create the perfect balance of layered lead synths without masking other sounds and how you can use pitch to balance layers.
Grouping Lead Synths
ReOrder groups all lead synths to create the ultimate lead sound covering the frequency spectrum. He discusses how he uses EQ, Reverb and compression.
The Build-Up (Part 1)
ReOrder explains the techniques and plugins he uses to create the build-up combining many different elements to maximize the emotion and delivery.
The Build-Up (Part 2)
Part two shows you how to get the melody to work with the build-up. ReOrder explains how you can make your build-up and melody stand out.
Finishing the Melody
ReOrder gives valuable insight on how to use your favorite tracks as input for structure and teaches you how to create a compelling arrangement.
Arrangement Sketching
Learn tips for getting a sketch of how the record will sound with each section. He also unveils a few “Armin van Buuren” secrets.
Adding Percussion
ReOrder expands on his signature percussion delivery and shows what plugins and techniques can achieve the desired result.
Basic Drop FX
ReOrder shows you what it takes to create a highly energetic and dramatic drop and teaches you how to make sure your main drop sounds are never boring
Adding Pads
Learn the value of pads and the benefits of creating your own presets. Also, how to use the progression of the bass as a harmonic base.
The Breakdown
ReOrder shows you how to achieve an epic breakdown. He uses a bass-pad to add suspense in the breakdown and support the melody.
The Drop
ReOrder glues the elements together to create a perfect transition between the breakdown and drop. He explains how to find your signature sound.
Adding More Elements
Diving deeper into the leads, ReOrder adds more mid-bass elements and plays around with the midi and audio to polish the record to perfection.
Adding Mid-Bass
ReOrder adds pace and power by adding more Mid-Bass sounds. He also discusses recycling the sounds that give your record a personal touch.
Building It Up
Using all the sounds and parts, ReOrder creates additional build-up sections for more energy, more power and better overall delivery.
Connecting The Parts
ReOrder creates strings and EFX to connect the finals parts. Now, it’s up to you to finish his record and potentially win a release on Armada.
Get lifetime access to this course now for $39.99

About the course

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for an in-depth course on Uplifting Trance, and none other than ReOrder delivers. The Slovakian DJ and producer remixed tracks from the likes of Aly & Fila, Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, Mark Sixma, MaRLo and RAM, and is widely regarded as one of the most consistent, prolific and well-respected artists in the Trance scene today.

With his first-ever course for Armada University and FaderPro, you’re getting a full display of the signature production techniques that are crucial in getting that high-energy, stadium-quivering Trance sound. As his course covers everything from melodies to layering to drop-building and arranging, you’re getting all the knowledge you need to master the Uplifting Trance sound and get your music signed to a top recording label.

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