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Drums Masterclass w/ Ben Remember

Ben Remember is the newest signing to the elite Toolroom artist roster. A producer who blazed onto the scene with a fresh approach to Tech House – particularly with his renowned drums sound – his brand new production course is a must-see for any student of the genre.  

Ben’s story is an inspirational one for the bedroom producer community. Having learned his trade after several years of self-training and application, it was only after ten years he was picked up by Toolroom from a demo. Progressing from releasing an album exclusive through to a full management deal, his journey shows what you can achieve by continued learning, application and effort.  His debut solo EP ‘Flashwind’ was an instant hit, receiving numerous international radio plays, propelling his name further whilst gaining new fans by the truck-load. 

“Becoming part of the Toolroom crew was almost a bit daunting, the artists on the label I’ve looked up to and been inspired by to push myself further, its amazing to be part of the gang." Ben's immediate success has seen both remix and event offers flying in; his stunning interpretation of Hannah Wants' 'Just' received unanimous praise, while on the live front Ben has played stand-out performances at Tomorrowland,  Boardmasters Festival and the cavernous 02 in Bristol; he will also be featuring in many global Toolroom Live show across the world in 2017 and beyond. 

Uniquely for the Toolroom Academy suite of courses, this is a masterclass focused purely and squarely on drums.  Ben’s chunky percussion and grooves are widely admired in contemporary house music; DJs such as Andrea Oliva, Annie Mac Eats Everything, the Martinez Brothers and Nick Curly have filled their sets with his productions for this reason.  Get inside the studio and learn the secret techniques that Ben has employed to make his drums sound as full and as powerful as possible. 

As Mark Knight states in his Academy course -  ‘drums need as much identity as the melody of a track – because they are the backbone.’  Start your productions the right way, and learn from the current master of drums and percussion in Tech House. 

Learning Objectives:

Chapter 1 - Introduction.  Who he is, some of his accomplishments and what he’s been up to lately musically. 

Chapter 2 - The Setup: 

Chapter 3 -  He Introduces Kontakt and why he likes using it for his percussion. Discusses Interchanging samples, control over ADSR, and some of the other sound designing parameters. 

Chapter 4 - This chapter dives deeper into drum bussing and multi-band compression, specifically on kick drum. Ben starts processing using his standard processing chain including EQ, compression, distortion and more.

Chapter 5 - Talks about analog and parallel compression and how to apply it. You’ll learn how to mimic overhead mics on your drums by using parallel compression and reverb. 

Chapter 6 - Here you’ll build on the dry loop using  Learn how to get a more unique sound by creating fills and using additional processing.

Chapter 7 - Here Ben does an analysis of the drum loop and talks recaps what was done to get to that point.

Chapter 8 - Learn how a slower BPM & other things can help you create different drum feels. 

Chapter 9 - Explore how to get the most versatility out of all your samples and sounds. 

Chapter 10 - Similar to lower BPMs, learn how higher BPM loops can be added to create a harder sound and explore how using the “less is more” principle can give you an even bigger drum sound.

Chapter 11 - The course finishes with even more bus techniques and how you can make all the different drum sounds and textures have a similar feel that fit well within your productions.