Harry Romero Course Bundle

Harry “Choo Choo” Romero is one of the true pioneers of house music.  This bundle includes both courses Harry has made with FaderPro.  in "Building a Beat,"  Harry demonstrated his creative genius by doing a live studio seminar for FaderPro at ADE.  Through the seminar, Harry sat down and made a beat from stock logic sounds in under an hour.  The demand from this course was so great for Harry to do a follow-up course, "In the studio w/ Harry Romero" (his second course), Harry invites us to his private studio in New Jersey to sit and once again create a new track from scratch.  This time, he goes start to finish and shows the entire process of making a complete track.  Both courses include the Logic Pro Project files and "In the studio w/ Harry Romero" also includes a "native" Logic session that you can open with just stock sounds and plug-ins.  This is truly a great value to see true creativity at work.