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About the course


The ARMADA UNIVERSITY LIVE SERIES is a brand-new series of short courses, all filmed in front of a LIVE audience at the four-day live masterclass program of Armada University and FaderPro during the Amsterdam Dance Event. In these courses, your favorite artists dig deep into their pool of creativity to make a new track idea from scratch in less than an hour, giving tips and tricks while explaining every bit of their workflow. 

*Please note that purchasing a course from this Live Series does not include a code for demo feedback. Those are only included with the “regular” Armada University courses. 


FaderPro co-founder and Logic Pro expert Vincent di Pasquale shares his incredible knowledge and insights on to quickly get an idea down and record it into Logic so that you can stay in that creative headspace. He pulls up Logic’s Ultra Beat, grabs some killer sounds and shows you how you can create your own custom kits for when you’re starting a project and are in need of some creativity. He manipulates Ultra Beat to be his drum kit machine and then quickly flies those into Logic where he has some quick sounds baked into Logic, all so you get to focus on the main leads and other sounds sooner.

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