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Project Files
Chapter 1 - Working with Nerve & Audio Samples
Chapter 2 - Main Bass & Midi
Chapter 3 - Processing the Bass
Chapter 4 - Making the Sub Bass
Chapter 5 - Working with Vocals
Chapter 6 - Creating & Processing the Piano
Chapter 7 - Processing the Breakbeat Loop
Chapter 8 - Th Piano Reverb Tail
Chapter 9 - Creating a Unique Buildup
Chapter 10 - Creating Movement with Pads
Chapter 11 - Creating & Processing Fills
Chapter 12 - Wash Out Transition Effect
Chapter 13 - Additional Musical Effects
Chapter 14 - Creating a Unique Arrangement
Chapter 15 - Creating Anticipation & Energy Flow
Chapter 16 - Finalizing the Arrangement & Outro
Get lifetime access to this course now for $19.99

About the course

In all the years that we at FaderPro have been teaching music production and shooting courses for our producers to learn from, we have never seen such an incredible talent as Brian Matrix. Brian is hands down without a doubt the best modern day music production instructor and mentor we have ever seen. His studios in LA and soon to be Orange County & Las Vegas are packed with everything from internationally known talents to rising stars all seeking the same goal, to make great music and become a better recording artist. Brian has worked side by side with names such as GTA, Steve Aoki, DJ Vice, Tommy Trash, SNBRN, and numerous others 

In this course, Brian takes you through his take on what a Spinnin-Deep record would sound like. A Spinnin Records artist himself under his numerous aliases, he teaches you not just the, "How to" in making a cutting edge record from start to finish, but also, "Why" his creative process will get you faster & more successful results and while always staying in that creative flow. 

Subjects covered include, working with the legendary, Steve Duda's plug-in, Nerve, to working with audio samples, Midi vs Audio Bass, working with vocals, processing breakbeat loops, EFX, creating Macros, creating fills, creating movement with pads, energy flow and where & when to add energy and arranging a record from start to finish! 

Brian pushes his Ableton software to places even we have never seen before. A course for all levels but a master class in Ableton Live is what you can expect. 

Watch our for his Mixing & Mastering course as well using this same record! 


  • 2.5 Hours Course Content
  • Platform: Ableton Live
  • Includes Project Files
  • Lifetime Access
  • Money Back Guarantee
“Knowledge to the T” -Steve Duda 
 “Monster on Ableton, can develop anyone from Level 0 to 10 in no time.”  -VICE
“Has so many tip/tricks it’s not even funny, an Ableton Master” -Mark Knight
 “Celebrity Instructor” -Steve Aoki
 “Fast and knowledgeable like no other” -Tommy Trash
“The biggest Celebrity Instructor in the game, Digital Master Supreme” -Sander Kleinenberg  

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