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Logic Pro Project Files (Part 1)
Toolroom Academy Sample Pack.zip
Sample Organization
Learn how to manage a large sample library so you can quickly find the exact sounds you are looking for.
Kick Drum Design with Samples
Finding the right kick drum sounds using samples to lay the foundation of a solid groove
Kick Drum Design with Ultrabeat
Learn how to use Logic’s Ultrabeat drum synth to tune, shape and process the perfect kick drum
Claps and Snares
After the Kick is created it’s time to add claps and snares as counter sounds to the heavy kick
Cymbals Part 1
Start shaping the top-end of the groove with cymbals and hi-hats learning different editing techniques using loop and Logic’s Ultrabeat.
Cymbals Part 2
Adding Signature Loops
Creating a Sub-Bass
Using MIDI FX for Bass Line Ideas
Adding More Loops
Getting Organized
Organizing the Project Folder
Adding More Elements
In-Depth Ultrabeat Overview
Logic Pro Interface Tour
Get lifetime access to this course now for $29.99

About the course

Vincent di Pasquale is a multi-platinum music producer, engineer and a co-founder of FaderPro.  Over the past two decades, Vincent has quietly garnered attention as a sought-after remixer and studio engineer for some of today’s most celebrated artists including Madonna, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Timbaland and many more. He has released projects on both major and independent labels including Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Universal, Island Def Jam, Toolroom and Subliminal.  Under the name Rebirth, his Remix of Madonna’s “4 Minutes” (feat. Justin Timberlake), reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play chart. The single also went on to earn double-platinum status, almost unheard of in today’s digital world.  In addition to his more commercial music work, Vincent Also has a deep history in electronic music, crafting many remixes and engineering some of dance music's biggest hits including Lee Cabrera's "Shake It (Move a Little Closer).”  

Vincent is also passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring producers and musicians which led to his co-founding of FaderPro.  In addition, he has done educational events for Apple and has been a lecturer for both SAE Institute and the University of Colorado.  


The Electronic Music Masterclass is the most comprehensive course ever produced by FaderPro.  It is a deep dive into all the steps and processes it takes to create a tech house track fitting for the Toolroom sound.  The course is broken down into three parts demonstrating the main processes for creating a complete finished master track - from beat creation, to the arrangement of the track, to the final mix and master.

In this first section, Part 1, Vincent demonstrates various ways to build a beat from scratch to get to that point when you have a solid groove that has all the elements necessary for a complete track.  From the drum elements to the bass line, to signature loops and sound FX.  


We’re releasing Each part independently to give you the chance to watch the parts that you’re most interested in.  This keep the price point low and makes it more of a course you can take over time.  Ready for the whole course now, great!  We’re also releasing all three parts as a massive course, for a reduced price.  Click HERE to check out the WHOLE course. 

In the near future, we will be releasing the other parts of the course.  In Part 2, Vincent takes the groove he created in Part 1 and shows the arrangement process for a complete song.  In Part 3, he shows the final mix and mastering process.  Each part of the course is shot in deep detail showing every step, and in many cases, showing multiple ways and techniques for achieving various parts of the production process.   


Not only is this course done entirely in Logic Pro, but Vincent creatively shows tons of Logic’s best editing and sequencing features and goes in-depth with many of it’s native plug-ins including Ultrabeat, MIDI FX and many of it’s built-in audio plug-ins.  Learn how and when to use Logic’s redesigned compressor plug-in that features emulation of the most common types in history including VCA, FET and OPTO styles.  Also learn how you can incorporate the new Vintage EQ emulations.  

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