Deconstruction of Get Your Freak On w/ Kevin McKay

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The Back Story & Inspiration
Kevin gives us his motivation to the track and discussed the original and other inspiring mixes .
The Foundation of Get Your Freak On
Kevin pulls up all the drum stems, discusses where they came from, the inspiration and shows us their place in the record.
The Bassline
Kevin shows how the bass was made, where it came from and his vision of the bass.
Remaking The Signature Lead Line
Kevin shows us how he remade and replicated the keys in the record while giving it his own spin.
EFX & Arrangement
Kevin shares what EFX he used for a peak time energy and the DJ friendly arrangement he ultimately created.
Knowing When You Have Something Special
Kevin shares the importance of staying in the groove and how to keep going when the ideas are flowing.
Final Changes & Additions
Kevin shares the final sounds & tweaks that were added to finish this killer edit
Bonus Chapter
Breaking the Sample Pack code & “Get Your Freak On” note combos.
Get lifetime access to this course now for $19.99

About the course

As a part of our new "Deconstruction Series,"  DJ and Producer Kevin McKay takes you through every part of his recent release "Get Ur Freak On" which features a recreation of the infamous Missy Elliott vocal and the legendary Timbaland lead line.  More than a simple Deconstruction, Kevin really dives deep to explain the inspiration, the recreation and the new beats and parts he added to create this stellar club track. 

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Kevin McKay

Scottish DJ, producer and label owner Kevin McKay has a discography that spans decades. He has produced everything from some of the most influential dance tracks as well as cult underground classics.  

He produced and mixed every track on Mylo's platinum album "Destroy Rock & Roll" - including the 4 top 40 singles "Drop The ... read more

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