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About the course


Los Angeles

For years Brian Matrix has been heavily involved in music education and mentorship teaching everything from mixing, mastering, music theory, synthesis, beat making, and every aspect of making music. His education resume is extensive, having attended all of today's great music educational facilities such as MI, LARS, SAE and UCLA as well as having been mentored himself by some of the industries best. In the last 5 years alone Brian has mentored and developed over 200 artists who have a passion in music production. He's especially excited to see his mentees reach for the stars in their musical journey and achieve success. Brian has mentored the likes of DJ Vice, MakJ, SNBRN, JAUZ, Whiiite, & Arkadiian and numerous others. Brian has over 10 years of experience in the music industry as an active dance music DJ in LA and beyond, having played alongside many of the greats and performing at numerous historic venues.

Brian Matrix

Brian Matrix has been making noise on the dance charts and in the blogosphere for some time now. From recent remixes of Adele, U2, Prince and many, many more to his collaborations with Manufactured Superstars, DJ Dan, Steve Duda, and many other big names as their go-to ghost producer. Brian has consistently displayed his musical range ... read more

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